Why You Should Be An Authoritative Leader

Listening to your employees through two-way communication, or having group meetings is a great way to create a culture of discussion. But bringing people together to participate isn’t always the best form of leadership, and you might want to try taking an authoritative approach instead. You’re probably wondering – how could acting like a dictator bring positive change in the workplace?

Following an authoritative style of leadership isn’t always a bad thing – and it doesn’t have to be your only way of leading. So when might you want to follow this approach?

As a leader, it’s your responsibility to guide people in the right direction. What you believe is right may be different from what other people believe is right – but at the end of the day, it’s up to you as a leader to take a firm approach when making decisions.

You can do this in a polite way, without barking orders to your subordinates. Respectfully acknowledge their approach, but remind them that yours will be taken. Your confidence will provide the employees with comfort.

When you take the authoritative route, you have this ability to spread confidence – as your experience and demeanor can influence the people around you. But use this ability carefully – your confidence can always be mistaken for a rotten ego.

Being a dictator is a smart way to tackle an emergency type of situation. Sometimes as a leader, your only option is to act fast. Once you begin handing out orders, your employees will follow them – because they know a quick fix must be implemented.

Great leaders not only have people working under them, but those people want to listen and follow in times of chaos. When there is panic in the air, you want your employees to know they can count on you to map out the best possible solution.

Following an authoritative style of leadership is also a good way to influence the employee mindset. As a leader you look for respect – and when your subordinates start second-guessing each decision you make, none of your actions will be taken seriously.

Having a backbone in the business world is also an essential part of success. Believe me when I say no one wants a pushover boss. It will only hurt you as a leader and hold back the company as a result.

Again, this works best with moderation. If you’re a leader who only demands orders and ignores ideas from the people around you – you might be steering a sinking ship.

Great leaders have the ability to wear many hats. Depending on the situation, you might be a participative leader, a democratic leader, or an authoritative leader – among many others. By analyzing key facts, and using your past experience, you will be able to change these hats with ease as you lead by example.

So remember, people like authority because it brings structure. Yet if you are only a dictator, you can be greatly damaging communication and employee morale.

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