3 Ways to Motivate Your Team

Consistent motivation from your employees is one of the biggest drivers in business. Motivation creates a strong company culture, it increases productivity, and can even boost sales. While you may be thinking that a lack of motivation stems from personal characteristics, more often than not the individual at the top of the corporate ladder has the ability to create positive change. There will always be a failing sports team that may be lacking motivation or talent, but it’s up to the coach to keep everyone’s spirits high. So how can you quickly flip the switch and motivate your current team?

Participate – This is a key aspect in creating motivation for your team. How do your employees view you as a leader? Are you the type to hand out orders, then march back to your desk or office? This type of leadership can alienate yourself from the people you work with. The best teams are made up of people who know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Say what you will about “team bonding activities” but they actually carry a very specific purpose – creating a familiar relationship with the people you work with, so as a result, you feel comfortable working with them. Participating as a team brings you closer as a group, and creates a powerful problem-solving source where structured roles are known to everyone.

Inspire – This is one of my favorite ways to motivate employees. Inspiration can’t be forced – but that’s what makes it such a powerful tool for motivation. There are many different ways to create inspiration, but one of my favorites is stepping out of my comfort zone, and going above and beyond, when it comes to the daily work routine. Getting your hands dirty shows your team that you aren’t too good for any task thrown at you. When an individual says something like “that’s not my job” they are only limiting their role at the company. Show your team that you have a broad and valuable skillset by doing things you wouldn’t normally do. These random acts will not only inspire your employees, but it will motivate them to challenge themselves as a result.

Challenge – It’s also a possibility that your team is lacking motivation because they aren’t being challenged. Keep in mind that having a heavy workload, and being challenged are two completely different things. A heavy workload might not provide the most inspirational work – it can be very repetitive and force employees to go through the motions. The problem with this mindset is that it creates a stale setting, as your team won’t feel like their work has meaning. When you create a challenging atmosphere your team is forced to think on their feet and problem solve together, to develop efficient solutions. So motivate your employees by giving them frequent and challenging tasks – it can be very rewarding when you not only solve a puzzle quickly, but do it as a group.

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